4 hands shiatsu


Experience the profound, nurturing therapeutic treatment of 4-Hands Shiatsu.

Four hands, two practitioners, working as one.

Lilly and I hold a deep, calm and therapeutic space for you so you may let go, release and reconnect. We move about your body in a graceful dance of Shiatsu palm, thumb and forearm pressure that brings about harmony and balance of the energetic flow within you.

With this 4-hands treatment, people are experiencing more rapid changes than with one practitioner. Feedback reports remarkable healing responses, beyond our expectations.

I have now had 4 sessions with Lily and Anny and I am ecstatic with the results I am both seeing and feeling!

Lily and Anny both took the time to understand me and what I wanted to achieve from my 4 Hands Shiatsu experience and to help me understand what benefits I could achieve for my particular circumstances.

They both continue to consult and advise at each session which I find invaluable and appreciate greatly.

The benefits I have enjoyed from my 4 Hands Shiatsu, from both a physical and mental perspective, have been many!  I find myself being so much more acutely aware of not only my “whole self” but also my surroundings which brings with it such a feeling of wellness and appreciation.

I cannot believe the change in my body I continue to experience and can highly recommend both Lily and Anny and all that they offer with their 4 Hands Shiatsu

Each treatment is unique as we work fluently together to address your personal needs.

Another person has said

I have no words, this is something to experience.

This experience is a wonderful gift for a loved one. Gift vouchers available.