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Hizir Camp, Kaz Mountains, Turkey

Posted on January 23, 2012

Hizir Camp – 13-17th June 2012

**5 Day Intensive Program with Yoga**

HAPPYBELLY – Lets Eat Well

Learn to nourish yourself with quality & tasty food combinations, gain clarity & connect to your source energy. Feed your body’s cells with nutritional intelligence for optimum health & joy & find your ideal body weight.

HAPPYBODY – Tuning In Tools

Physical exercise with balanced nutrition can assist with rapid & radical transformation in the body. By using an integrated approach to healing, combining ancient modalties of the meridian system & breath work, you will learn to listen to your body & make choices in order to thrive.

HAPPYMIND – Mind Over Matter

Discover pioneers in the integrative nutritional field & join the ever-growing community of knowledge sharing. Our digital era provides limitless health information at the click of a search button & in newspapers, magazines & TV, yet how can we trust the information & where it is coming from?


• Introduction to a range of nutritional disciplines:

Macrobiotics, Ayurvedic, Raw & Juicing, Eating for Blood Type, Energetics of Food

• Hands on training in knife skills, kitchen equipment, utensils & kitchen safety

• Hands on training in a range of food preperation methods

• Learn where to shop & how to find quality ingredients

• Discover the best food types for you & your personal needs

• Tips & Tricks to find accurate & cutting edge nutritional information

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