Happy Home

Detox and reboot your home: 12 hrs over 3 days

‘If you need something done, ask a busy person. The more things you do the more you can do’ – Lucille Ball 1911-1989

You’ve been thinking you need a clean sweep, a jump-start back on the wagon. A personal reboot. You know you can do it but it’s just that initial step. Your productivity is waning and it is affecting all areas of your life. Personal and professional areas and relationships are on edge. You don’t want to go away to reset, you do want to clean up your environment at home. The easiest way to kick start any project is with positive energy and support.

Seeing what is achievable in just in 3 days is staggering. HappyHome is designed especially for you and your immediate needs.

HappyHome starts with an initial consultation to identify your core needs. We then set a clear goal for rejuvenating your belly body and mind in your home.

When your foundation is clear and resilient, you have a place from which to build, explore and create new behaviours. When your home is reset in a direction that aligns with your goals, you never know you might just achieve them? HappyHome is an option created for people who learn and operate better with intensity and prefer short bursts of learning. You are left with skills and information for life.

By feeding your Belly, your Body and your Mind in an integrated way, new ideas, recommendations and adjustments in your lifestyle can really take hold.

Together we will:
  • detox your kitchen
  • explore new ingredients and places to shop
  • productive kitchen techniques to create quality food for you and your family
  • detox your bathroom
  • Explore new beauty techniques and protocols
  • shiatsu session 1.5 hours of total relaxation of body and mind
  • a personalised guide to posture, self massage & breathing techniques for renewed energy
  • a guide to ways of calming your mind for deep relaxation clarity, and improved productivity
People report:
  • a sense of complete refreshment that lasts well beyond initial expectations
  • a wealth of tips and tricks that assist with the inevitable aging process
  • loads of wise knowledge distilled into practical terms
  • 3 days of fun yet important information for all areas of life
  • a renewed sense of confidence in personal choices
  • a clean slate from which to really begin implementing positive behaviour

Are you ready for a HappyHome?