Happy Hour

Individual wellness consultation: 90mins

Is something not quite right with your health? Is your energy not sustaining you throughout the day? Are you feeling more emotional than usual? Have you gained a few unwanted kilos? Are you experiencing uncomfortable bloating in your tummy? Are you often hungry? Are you having hot flushes? Your doctors just can’t put their finger on it and pills are really not helping. Have you tried different diets without success?

When was the last time you had a chance to really talk about your general state of health and wellbeing? You know you may be able to address some of these nagging issues by yourself but just not sure what direction to go.

A HappyHour wellness consultation gives you a chance to discuss:
  • your health history
  • your current lifestyle, diet and movement routines
  • your current health concerns
  • your health goals and expectations

You are then provided with a follow up email detailing an immediate short term wellness plan.

This includes all areas of AnnyBody Wellness Ethos: dietary recommendations for your belly; movement recommendations for your body; recommendations for managing stress for your mind; relevent onilne references specific to your needs.

The no 1 feedback from a HappyHour session is the clarity in direction and positive support people find to continue their own journey to better health and wellbeing.

A Wellness Consultation can be held either in person, or via skype or telephone.