Happy Life

3 month Wellness Program

Many clients have found by going through our premium 3 month program and discovering foods they love in a way that support their own particular body and type that they no longer experience common nagging negative issues.

Is it time for you to reset and restore yourself?

It is scientifically proven that three months is a perfect time to reset your entire system. ‘The cat is out of the bag’ says Dr Gary Fettke when speaking of the potency that diet and lifestyle choices have on all areas of our lives. Particularly the difference between illness and health.

Are you ready to future proof your health?

What you get with your HappyLife program:

Your program covers all areas of AnnyBody Wellness Ethos – HappyBelly, HappyBody, HappyMind

  • welcome pack to get you started
  • 6 x 90 minute phone or in person sessions
  • 3 x 120 minute activity sessions. (kitchen demo, shiatsu session & shopping tour)
  • follow up emails after each session detailing points discussed
  • program specifically tailored to your needs
  • email/phone support between sessions where needed
  • recipes and reliable information sources
  • renewed relationship with yourself
By participating in our HappyLife program, people report;
  • increased energy that is sustainable throughout the day
  • libido increases
  • better communication with significant others
  • better time management with meals
  • decreased inflammation throughout the body
  • a general sense of trusting their own choices returns
  • an overall sense of calm and clarity is restored to the whole person
Do you experience any of these negative issues?
  • tiredness throughout the day
  • brain fog
  • sugar cravings
  • temperature fluctuations at night
  • PMS and other hormonal issues
  • increased weight gain
  • skin rashes
  • moodiness
  • allergies

Come, treat yourself to some radical self care. It makes the most sense to upgrade your own operating system. Computers, cars, phones, staff and strategies get attention. How about attending to yourself this year? Bonuses abound!