Simple Pickles

By October 16, 2014 Recipes

Prep Time :
20 mins to chop + 3 hours to soften + 1 – 90 days to mature

Equipment :
sharp knife or a food process, large bowl, large plate, a weight, & 2 large pickling jars or several smaller ones

Makes :
2 good sized jars

Ingredients :
1 large white cabbage, 1 large red cabbage, half a cup of quality salt

Method :
Either slice cabbages with your trusty knife or shred with your food process. The best shape is from the larger blades of the processor. With all the cut cabbage in a large bowl sprinkle salt all the way through and massage into the cabbage. Wonderful to get to know your cabbage. You will notice it becoming softer and releasing water. Now you are ready to use a weight. Put a plate over the surface of the cabbage with enough room to sink down into the bowl and weigh it down. I use a mortar and pestle or a full kettle of water or heavy rocks I’ve brought back from the beach. Whatever you have that will help release more and more water. This is your brine. It is most valuable. You can begin to pour the brine into your jars. The longer you leave to soften the better. 3 hours is a good time but you could let it stay longer. The idea is to create enough brine to cover the cabbage in the jars. When you think there is enough start packing the cabbage into the jars. It is surprising how much fits when you push it down. You could also use a small stone for inside the jar. You can add some extra sterilised water to top off your jars. They must be under water and sealed completely. You could start eating these 12 hours later or indeed let it mature for 3 months. The longer you leave it the softer and more beneficial it becomes. The colour adds a great lift to any salad or cooked dish. Enjoy

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