SpringZing Retreat

October 14 – 16th weekend, 2016

5pm Friday – 5pm Sunday

I’m so excited to announce our first retreat in Hobart is on!

What started in Turkey as HappyLife has become the SpringZing incarnation in Australia.

With the intention of building a HappyBelly, HappyBody and HappyMind this retreat is a culmination of working for many years with my own and my clients niggling health concerns. We discovered that by taking a few days out of our regular schedule the benefits are immediate and long lasting.

SpringZing – better described as a renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated and reconnected you.

Participants report:

  • a lightness around the middle
  • reduced swelling and inflammation in all areas of the body
  • reduced aches and pains
  • wonderful deep sleeps
  • clearer skin
  • shiny eyes
  • an ease with addictive behaviours
  • a distinct increase in energy
  • a renewed sense of self trust
  • a real sense of satisfaction with themselves

Most cleanses work on a reduction of consumption. Our SpringZing focuses on the opposite, a radical increase of the good stuff. Fuelling you with potent and functional foods, tonics and elixirs. We are on the road to restoring the good bacteria in your gut which we now know is a major key to overall health.

Your body has an intelligence like no other and the possibilities for your wellbeing are endless. Given healing foods, quality movement to inspire, and mindfulness around behaviour, you are capable of amazing things.

The most profound health benefits I’ve experienced with myself and clients is by eating/drinking quality food/drink. I’ve participated in years of varying exercise and movement disciplines, but the most potent healing is when the food changes.

The analogy I like to use is soil. When soil is well and happy all things grow, produce and continue to prosper. Think of your gut as the soil from which all of you grow and are made of. Feed your soil with good food and water and watch for a very happy body. And indeed your mind/heart is an important and powerful part of the equation. Each do not stand alone, each reinforcing the other.

The question of course is ‘what is quality or healthy’ food?

We are bombarded with information daily and it is increasing. ‘Superfoods, herbs, antioxidant, low glycemic, supplements, organic, biodynamic, protect against cancer, brain health, heart health’… the list goes on. We also have philosophies and labels like ‘paleo, vegan, raw’ – what though is best for you and your family?

We are individuals and definitely need to consider our lifestyle and what we are looking for in order to really answer these questions. A Tour De France cyclist needs rather different fuel compared to a student or a feeding mother for example. Yet, there are several things that we can all benefit from. This is what we will focus on.

Consistent with HappyBelly, HappyBody and HappyMind philosophy, included in your SpringZing Retreat are:

  • yoga and breathing practices
  • mindfulness practices
  • morning rituals
  • learn self shiatsu techniques
  • learn simple shiatsu touch
  • home spa protocols for longevity
  • videos on relevant subject matters
  • free time to enjoy the beautiful environs

While expanding your mind and heart with inspiration and connection, you will leave with new ideas about how to truly feed and nourish yourself. How simple yet consistent actions can benefit your wellbeing so greatly. As well as a restored sense of trust and gratitude in your very unique self.

To participate we will first have a conversation and email exchange about your specific situation and decide if this is right for you.

The venue is beautiful and only one our drive, south of Hobart. Niche Retreats has hosted many wonderful retreats over the years and has now been sold. Unfortunately it will discontinue being utilised for retreats. We are lucky to be one of the last to be nourished by the energy of the spaces.

Please have a look at Niche Retreats website for further information and directions.


Your investment

$495 (+tax) ~ For the weekend, all included.

Important note: Please do not apply if you:

  • are pregnant or nursing (and do not actively try to conceive until 2 weeks after the cleanse is complete)
  • are under the age of 18
  • have liver disease or hepatitis
  • have Type 1 diabetes
  • are on heavy prescription medication
  • have active cancer