Shiatsu is a technique with its roots in Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu works deeply on your core nervous and organ system to stimulate your bodies own intelligence in order to restore balance. This ancient method acknowledges the body, mind and spirit as a total integrated system. When this system is in balance we are well. When we have pain, it is considered blocked energy.

As a technique we work on the floor in comfortable clothes, as a way to access the deeper ‘flow’ or meridians running throughout the entire body. We also work deeply with your breathing to support your sense of self-awareness and connection to your body. You are given light stretches along with applied pressure in varying positions that opens these blockages and restores balance.

Many people require an experience that effect’s more than simply the physicality of their body, in order to feel better. The process of re-connection to your ‘total self’ inspires a deep sense of relaxation, affording greater energy and alertness. Shiatsu is highly effective for injuries, aches and pains in your muscles and joints, flexibility, headaches, weight issues, stress, sleep issues, depression and a general sense of wellbeing.