Why we question what we eat, how we eat. What food means to us. In my situation I was quite interested in the chemistry and healing of food. After becoming pregnant I heard a lot about how I should consume more meat for protein and dairy products for calcium but I was not satisfied with that. Around the same time my brother was interested in more healthy living, so I recommended he contact a nutrition coach, my close friend Anny. A month after I saw how much my brother had changed, like being very energetic, happy and light I thought that I can also have help from Anny during my breast-feeding period. In the Skype sessions with Anny, I learned a lot about living enzymes, acid alkaline balance, and sprouts and soaking, it changed a lot of my energy too. Especially not feeling tired after waking up several times at night for breast-feeding. Anny’s advice is guidance to life. Happy stomach, Happy heart. After a month session with Anny people around me started to ask what I was eating to have such a healthy and good-looking baby. Anny is a great help for finding our way in life with food, with life…

Filiz Sizanli – International Dancer, Choreographer – Istanbul, Turkey

I met Anny in May last year. I was visiting a nutritional guide for the first time. My intention was get some knowledge about how to eat healthy. She advised me around all my current eating habits so spontaneously, and I felt lots of joy while doing that. I feel much lighter with her recipes and general advice. She has opened a completely new window regarding food, inner being and life. It helps my meditation practice too. She has an important place in my life. Many thanks Anny. Hope your knowledge finds other lucky ones too. With love,

– Sevgi Dorossinsku – Entrepreneur & Meditator – Istanbul, Turkey

Anny’s shiatsu technique is a perfect mixture of body and soul work. Although it seems as if you are a passive part-taker, you might open up your soul and participate. This way benefits are not only physical but also emotional. Furthermore it lasts way beyond the therapy’s physical time. The therapy not only relieves your joints but opens up your energy and balances you to cope better with the outer world. She then becomes, unintentionally, your life coach, nutritionist and finally your soul-friend. In conclusion it is real body and soul work for you to enjoy.

Menderes Utku, Entrepreneur – Istanbul, Turkey

Working with Anny has allowed me to continue drinking wine, dining out and eating delicious foods and still loose weight!

Prue Bassett, Media Publicist – Melbourne, Australia

During Anny’s Shiatsu treatment I felt like she was breathing life into my body. I felt everything was unblocking, it was gentle but very powerful. I now feel renewed internally. Thank you Anny for this gift.

Josephine Celeste – Shamanic Healer – Melbourne, Australia

I decided to change my diet 6 months ago and stopped eating meat. The only thing I knew was some general ideas about vegetables and fruits. I thought a professional support will be very important to have a balanced diet and make sure that I get what my body needs. After working with Anny, my vision for nutrition changed completely. Diet is not only about taking what my body wants, but what I eat can significantly impact my energy, immune system, clarity of mind and satisfaction of life. I really benefited with some simple and effective recipes Anny recommended to me. Working on Skype was a great way to have the sessions. Her approach to really understanding my needs and work closely to create a tailor made program is fantastic. She really loves what she is doing and her clients. And this makes a big difference :)

Hakan Sizanli – Supply Chain Director, Danone – Istanbul, Turkey

As someone who has a fair amount of anxiety surrounding the areas of food, cooking, and my body, but who is passionate about improving myself in every way including my physical health… I am so thankful I have met Anny. She has given me a wealth of great advice, assisted me in purchasing a blender & food processor, showed me how to use it, and gave me some great recipes. Anny’s relaxed and playful manner helps her convey her knowledge in a way which is easy to understand and never overwhelming. She has helped me feel much less stressed about maintaining healthy eating habits. She helps make it easy! Your physical health facilitates your mental health and enables you to achieve the success in life that you are striving for. It is of the utmost importance to me that I maintain my physical health so that I can achieve my dreams in my business, my art, and my personal life. If that sounds like you too, a coach like Anny can help you make that a reality, in a fun and friendly way!

Becca Tilley – Vocal coach, musician & performer – Hobart Tasmania. Australia

I have always eaten healthily but when things go wrong and everything stops working smoothly it is hard to know how to correct it. When that happened to me I was at a loss until I was told about Anny. She agreed that I was doing most things right but she gave me a number of small changes to make and (best of all) why to make them. It was having a reason that made it easier for me and within weeks my system was back to normal. Thank you Anny. You have confirmed what I suspected about my body and given me really good tools to keep it working at its best.

Kerri Carlton – Clinical Scientist – Sydney Australia

When I met Anny I was working in a demanding role in a Corporate environment.  I asked her to help me step off the fast pace, adrenaline and caffeine.  The work with Anny was transformational – we started slow, incremental changes.  Sometimes we agreed I would try things, but when I couldn’t keep to them, there was no judgement.  Nonetheless, with Anny’s support there was steady progress.  Many of the new recipes were delicious, and ones that I didn’t like she’d reconfigure.  The best part was the education … she taught me about how much was faddish in the food world, what the fundamentals were, and moderation and taking it step by step.  My approach to my health, my wellbeing and my ability to be slower and look after myself is permanently changed.

Alex Stol – Think Tank Facilitator – Melbourne Australia

Thank you Anny, I just want to say that what you provide as a service to me and all your other clients is fantastic! To follow up with is kind of details, be so available and willing to help is very special. I love coming to see you x

Jane Hillard – Designer – Hobart Australia