I’m coming to Turkey

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November 10th – December 6th
Health coaching
Food Demonstration

I am so excited, I seriously feel like I’m coming home.
So much has happened since I was last in Istanbul…I haven’t spoken too much about this here but here is a brief run down….

In Australia
I flew back from Istanbul to visit my family in Australia in 2012 and really, I didn’t know what surprises life had for me.In Melbourne I broke my foot! Then we discovered I had a spinal injury. The doctors said I needed surgery so I had to cancel my return to Turkey indefinitely. For me, fusing my spine was absolutely the last option. I asked for 6 months to see if I could heal myself…With specific food for inflammation, nerve and bone healing, the right combination of rest and movement, stacks of love…I did it!
In August this year I was taken off the hospital surgery list… Yipppyyyyy!

Life in Tasmania
In the meantime I met a beautiful man and moved to Hobart, Tasmania. Australia’s most southern Island. Wild beauty, stunning beaches, incredible produce (almost as good as Turkey).I’ve started to walk again and finding a new clarity with my work. More than a decade away from Australia has been challenging but I am back on track and feeling more excited about life than ever.
I feel completely touched by life – ten years in Turkey and life in Australia.With integration of cultures and my own healing journey I have much to share about the real healing qualities of food, and as always the love of life.

So let’s make the most of my stay and catch up. For all inquiries or to book in a session Don’t hesitate to email me.

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